The 86th Academy Awards

We realized we should do this. I haven’t seen most of the movies, but Meghan-Annette saw many of the nominated films begrudgingly. So why not blog about the Oscars?

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The Best Music Videos of 2013

Unlike some previous years, 2013 was an excellent year for good music videos, particularly from three artists on our list. As a result, we’ve had to expand our list from the usual ten to 12 to hold all of the videos and it was particularly difficult to decide where to place videos. And so, enjoy our list of the best music videos of 2013.

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The Worst Music Videos of 2013

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the time where we here at Punching a Jayhawk sit down and decide which music videos are good and which ones are not good. We are aware Lady Gaga’s music video for “Do What U Want” is supposed to drop later this month, but considering it features R. Kelly and is directed by Terry Richardson, even I don’t want to watch that. We also cut down our list from 10 to seven videos because six of the videos came from three artists when the list had ten videos. So now, sit back and enjoy the worst music videos of 2013. (Note: Videos one and two are not safe for work)

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Product Placement and Music Videos

Swedish pop-duo Icona Pop released the music video for their single “All Night” earlier this month and it has received quite a bit of praise for centering on a ball competition where Icona Pop performs, but focusing largely on the members of the houses competing. (The New York City ball scene was made famous in the 1990 documentary “Paris is Burning,” which profiled the houses made up of black and Hispanic gay and transgender people. It’s a great movie.)

On the flipside of this praise is criticism from some people because Absolut had a large part in the music video.

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The 2013 Tony Awards

Good evening. Tonight, a race for best musical between a musical about a talented abused girl versus a musical about shoes. Numerous shows will perform, but only few will win. It’s the 2013 Tony Awards!

Join us as we look at the evening and take a shot every time I mention Tracy Letts, who really does deserve the Tony Award he’s nominated for.

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Recap of the 2013 Grammys


This is the first time I’ve watched the Grammys. Normally Meghan-Annette would do this, but I decided to try my hand this year.

Also, I tuned in at 8:20 EST because I was watching Thursday night’s “Scandal,” which has led me to believe that “Scandal” deserves all of the Emmys.

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How Some Musicians Perform On Talk Shows in Germany

Have you ever thought that the musical performances on talk shows are a little too boring? Felt like they needed more scantily clad men dancing?

Perhaps you’ll enjoy this performance of Uschi Blum (a female singer created by German comedian Hape Kerkeling) performing on <i>Wetten, dass…?</i>. The performance is like a big musical number, complete with showgirls and men that look like bondage angels.